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Here We Go!


So what’s been happening is this:



Summer has come to an end, and I am now going to be  homeschooling Chad and Ryan, …. and Eden will be home as well.  Honesly I am so excited about ending up like this, even though its not where we set out to go.  I am confident that she will be blessed from her studies this year.  More on that later.

I’ll let you know the schooling details when our schedule is done.  In preparation of this, I have been spending time here:

because I feel like the last 7+ years with the twins has taken a toll on our order around here.  :)  Charlotte Mason says education is an environment….and we need ours to be, well educational and not deconstructing to the mind.   In addition to this, I read  What is Woman?  and I was dumbfounded at the truth of it, in my own life and in the women around me.

It’s explaining to me why I am making the choices I make.  Furthermore, I am so encouraged by some websites I have found, not just by the site obvioiusly but by the people and hearts and minds and kingdom work that they represent:

Will keep you posted.  :)

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